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5 Questions to Consider When Developing a Message for Referral Sources

Posted by Holly Miller on February 21, 2018
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If you only had one minute to convince a referral source that your home health or hospice agency was the right provider for their patients, could you deliver an impactful message? A canned sales pitch that merely states your agency’s capabilities won’t impress most physicians. You must tailor your message to address the specific needs of their patients and demonstrate why your agency is the best partner for care collaboration.

Just as a clinician would never show up to a patient’s home without a unique care plan, sales reps should never walk into a meeting with a referral source without a customized plan to guide the conversation. Top-performing sales reps often complete a pre-call planning checklist to develop the strongest message possible. To do this, they consider the five questions below:

1. What types of patients is he/she referring?

Going into a meeting without understanding the types of patients the referral source is referring—and whether your agency is a fit for those patients—will be a costly mistake. Using current market data, you can gain insight into both the type and volume of patients that a physician or facility is referring, which will guide you to the best referral sources for your agency’s strengths.

2. Which agencies does he/she currently refer to?

When you know which agencies a referral source is already working with, you can determine areas where you may have a competitive advantage to leverage in your message, such as higher quality scores or unique specialty programs.

3. Which of our specialty programs would be most beneficial for his/her patients?

When it comes to building relationships with referral sources, the ultimate goal is to foster a partnership. A great way to start this is by highlighting a specific program you offer that can positively impact the type of patients they refer most often. By demonstrating your expertise, you will be viewed as a better option for patients that are in need of specialized care beyond what other agencies may be providing.

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4. How do I quickly demonstrate our agency’s track record of success?

Highlighting your quality scores, specialty programs, and testimonials in your messaging and marketing materials will help to differentiate your agency from competitors. Is your agency currently equipped to quickly gather these data points to craft an effective message?

5. Have we received patients from this referral source in the past? Or will this be a new account for our agency?

If you’ve worked with a referral source previously, your sales team should acknowledge the history of the relationship, demonstrate the existing level of trust, and identify other opportunities for your agency to provide patient services.

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Holly Miller

Written by Holly Miller

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