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Posted by Seth West on February 5, 2018
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Is your home medical equipment business not growing as fast as you need it to? All it takes to jumpstart and increase HME sales is a new pattern of communication skills. Get an expert’s inside look at honing those sales skills during our upcoming webinar, “Increase HME Sales NOW!”. On February 8th at 2pm ET/11am PT, Mike Sperduti, CEO of Emerge Sales, and Holly Miller, Vice President of Sales with PlayMaker, will teach you the sales skills and techniques to produce immediate, long-term results for your company.

Who’s Speaking?

  • Mike Sperduti: CEO of Emerge Sales, and internationally recognized as an expert in healthcare sales. Mike has helped more than 1,000 HME companies transform their businesses. Through his time as a sales leader, Mike has developed the most innovative and effective ways to increase HME sales.
  • Holly Miller: VP of Sales at PlayMaker. Holly has over 15 years of healthcare and technology sales experience. Prior to joining PlayMaker, she led a team responsible for developing and executing a sales and market strategy to launch and expand Non-Acute and Medical Technology markets for Healthstream, a company that provides workforce development, patient experience, and provider solutions for the healthcare industry.

What Can I Expect to Learn?

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have:

  • A set of specific steps to take to create an abundance of new patient referrals and increased revenue while ensuring compliance and lowering readmissions.
  • Proven scripts for every possible sales situation. With these scripts in their pockets, your sales team will achieve unstoppable confidence, low stress levels, higher job satisfaction and optimum performance in every scenario.
  • Methods to make your sales team more comfortable, confident and effective making sales calls to accounts where you have no existing relationship and turning that account into a recurring referral source.
  • A new sales philosophy and communication skills in hand that you can put to work straight away to increase HME sales for your agency. You’ll be able to surpass the competition at every sales call.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get this invaluable sales training for free during this live webinar, and ask our experts your own HME sales questions. Space is limited, so register now. See you on February 8th!


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Seth West

Written by Seth West

Seth West, Director of Marketing & Communications with PlayMaker, has extensive experience in advertising and promotion, equally astute in both print and web environments. He has lent his creative talents to a variety of Fortune 500 companies, helping to develop corporate branding, multi-tiered marketing campaigns, and engaging media communications.