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The HCSMS Executive Strategic Summit: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on January 19, 2016
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I have been a member of the Home Care Sales and Marketing Society for two years now and each conference I go to see is uniquely designed to challenge “the way we’ve always done things” and to inspire it’s attendees to become market leaders through sales and management initiatives. The Home Care Sales & Marketing Society’s Executive Strategic Summit brings another layer to their offerings. By focusing solely on executive management, they are able to offer specific strategic guidance that can transform an entire agency in just few weeks.

I cannot outline any few specific sessions, as attending each one is key to getting the most out of this conference. Instead, I have decided to give you a quick outline of the speakers.


Liz Pearson Esq. - Bernard and Pearson

Liz is an authority and speaks a majority of the conferences I attend each year. She helps agency owners understand the laws surrounding Anti-Kickback, Stark II, Anti Inducement, and Safe Harbor exceptions and can help you personally evaluate your sales and marketing strategy to ensure it’s compliance with applicable laws.


Michael Giudicissi – CEO of Home Care Sales by PowerShot Training, Inc.

When it comes to sales and infrastructure strategies, very few people I have ever met are as talented as Michael. Some speakers tend to rely on a singular speaking point or a perfected presentation when they lead a session, but in the myriad of times I have seen Michael speak, I have always taken pages of notes that have changed the way I approach my day to day business. His knowledge goes far beyond an industry-specific scope and speaks to the process of sales management.


James Plonsey, BS - Medicare Training and Consulting

Do you think you understand how to navigate the ever-changing world of Medicare? Jim’s extensive experience with both Medicare reimbursements and Medicare as a whole has made him one of the industry’s top experts. He sought out by agency owners and major corporations to help them navigate the landscape of Medicare and provide the guidance they need to stay compliant and continue to be successful.


Tim Rowan, Editor of The Home Care Technology Report

The Home Care Technology Report has long been known as the go-to publication for all things technology and software related. Tim has established himself as a leader in this space and has proven time and time again that if he endorses a technology, you can bet it will be a huge success. He’s constantly stayed ahead of the game and his take on selling during this conference will no doubt challenge convention with strategies that only his unique experience can bring to the table.


Melanie Stover, OT, MBA, MS/ISM, COO of Home Care Sales by PowerShot Training, Inc.

Melanie is one of the most established names in the home care industry when it comes to sales and marketing. Uniquely known for long-term clients, Melanie brings an expertise that only comes from managing a sales team that has been successful year over year. She’s authored books on every subject relating to sales and marketing for home health, hospice, and private duty care and has spoken at thousands of conferences and trainings across the country. Her perspective at this conference will offer takeaways that go far beyond 2016.


Cheryl Peltekis, RN, VP of Home Care Sales by PowerShot Training, Inc.

While Cheryl is the newest member of Home Care Sales, she is a seasoned professional in the industry. For over 20 years, Cheryl has owned and operated a JACHO Certified home health and hospice. In that time, she has managed to stay completely deficiency free. To take that a step further, she implemented a marketing strategy that made her not just a competitor, but also a market leader. Now she travels around the country helping clients develop sales strategies that work and her clients are achieving levels of success they never dared to imagine before she came to help.


Lucy Andrews, RN, Owner and CEO, At Your Service Home Care, Santa Rosa CA  

Lucy Andrews not only sits as Vice Chair for the National Association of Home Health & Hospice as well as a member Private Duty Home Care Association Board, but she is also Founder and CEO of At Your Service Home Care. Having extensive knowledge of the industry from a national perspective as well as a owner’s perspective gives her the ability to better comprehend the challenges facing today’s agencies. He knowledge of homecare and the future of homecare will help leaders attending the conference to stay one step ahead of these changing times.


These are the currently confirmed speakers and they’ve got some of the best. Be sure to sign up by following the link here and I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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Jason Lewallen

Written by Jason Lewallen

Jason Lewallen, National Business Development Manager with PlayMaker, specializes in connecting healthcare organizations with technology solutions to boost sales and grow business. Having previously worked on the front lines of post-acute care sales, he understands the challenges facing providers and helps them maximize their growth potential.