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Hospice Works Forum: Know Before You Go

Posted by Jason Lewallen on May 27, 2016
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Each year, Hospice Works does a Forum that is usually clinical in nature. This year they decided to go non-clinical and focus on leadership, compliance, marketing, human resources, finance and fund development. This will provide a unique opportunity to focus in on those areas from a unique point-of-view. You will not want to miss out!

Here are three sessions you will not want to miss:

Applying Change Management Theory to Organizational Growth

Speakers: Randy Prange, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Trustbridge Health, Amy Cannizzo-Brennan, Vice President of Quality and Education, Trustbridge Health, and Jacqueline M. Lopez-Devine, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer, Trustbridge Health

Taking two separate hospice companies and merging them into one organization is more than a daunting task. It’s enough to cripple both organizations, but Trustbridge not only completed the challenge, they improved and grew in the midst of the merge. Randy, Amy, and Jacqueline will provide the lessons they learned during the merger and tips on applying change-management theory to transform your organization.


Attracting Positive Media Attention

Speaker: Chris Dirato, Account Supervisor, Bitner Goodman

You have heard that, “any publicity is good publicity.” Nothing could apply to our industry less! Bad publicity in any healthcare organization can have resounding effects. So how do you garner that good publicity that helps further a positive image for you company? Chris will discuss how to get your message out while staying true to your company’s mission and objectives.


Coaching & Feedback

Speaker: Patti Moore, RN, BSN, MSN, ARNP, President & Founder, The Watershed Group

The two most important tools in a great leader’s toolbox are coaching and feedback. Being able to use those tools to motivate and and inspire the team is fundamental to success. Patti will help us discover new potential within our management styles to promote the best that our employees have to offer.


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Jason Lewallen

Written by Jason Lewallen

Jason Lewallen, National Business Development Manager with PlayMaker, specializes in connecting healthcare organizations with technology solutions to boost sales and grow business. Having previously worked on the front lines of post-acute care sales, he understands the challenges facing providers and helps them maximize their growth potential.