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Tips on Selecting a CRM for Post-Acute Care

Posted by Adam Bishop on May 13, 2015
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Investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your post-acute care business is not something to be taken lightly. There are often business processes that need to be revised and improved to give you the maximum return on your investment. However, the combination of the right CRM provider and a commitment to success on your part will result in transformative results for your sales and marketing efforts, giving your organization an unparalleled advantage over your competitors.

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Here are 5 key questions to ask when selecting a CRM for post-acute care.

Was it built for the post-acute care industry?

The last thing you want is to waste time and money customizing a generic platform. Find a system specifically built to support the needs of the post-acute care industry. Otherwise, you will be fighting to get the program to do things it was not designed to do, which is the quickest way to end up with a failed CRM implementation.

Is the platform a true SaaS model? 

A platform that is a Software as a Service model can help reduce the need for additional IT resources because it is accessed exclusively through the cloud. This allows all system updates and improvements to be available as soon as they are completed and you don’t have to wait your turn for the update.

Is there a powerful mobile solution available for iOS and Android devices? Does it cost extra?

Mobile apps are the new wave of CRM and they are here to stay. Here are a few things to look for in mobile solutions that are critical for success:

  • The app should be included in your package and not an additional cost.
  • For best results, be sure it is a native app built for iOS and Android.
  • It should provide your reps in the field with real-time alerts. For example, when a referral comes in, they will be notified immediately to pick up the order or send an e-card thanking them for their referral.
  • Make sure it can track expenses while in the field. Reps should be able to attach a photo of their receipts, immediately and accurately record the expenses to ensure compliance with marketing expense limits.

The combination of the right CRM provider and a commitment to success on your part will provide transformative results for your sales and marketing efforts, giving you an unparalleled advantage over your competitors. 

Are there additional fees for configuration and add-ons? 

Don’t be surprised with additional fees after you have signed on the dotted line. Notice what is included in the package and what isn’t. This will help you budget for the add-ons you need and keep you from being surprised by fees that could drag your investment into the red.

Can you speak with real customers about their experience?

Ask to speak with real customers of any CRM provider you are considering and make sure those customers are in a similar situation as yours, such as being on the same EHR. Talk to different people in each department, including sales, marketing, IT and management. Get as much information as you can about their experience with the implementation, integration, training, customer service and overall effectiveness of the CRM.

For more tips on increasing your post-acute care sales using the right CRM, download this free article:

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Adam Bishop

Written by Adam Bishop

Adam Bishop, President & Founder of PlayMaker, has helped thousands of post-acute care agencies achieve extraordinary sales growth and profitability through the use of his innovative and proven power marketing and sales strategies.