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Standing Out: Innovative Marketing Ideas for Post-Acute Care

Posted by Seth West on January 23, 2018
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When you think about securing more referrals for your post-acute business, what do you have planned that’s really going to help you stand out? As you craft your plans for success, it’s important to make sure they go well beyond maintaining a highly polished elevator pitch and honing in on those physicians who have the best potential for quality referrals.

You need to incorporate marketing ideas that resonate with your audience and stick around long after you’ve left the room. Much as we wish it wasn’t true, your presentation can be just as important as the substance of your message.

  • Start with the visual you’re communicating the moment your presentation begins. If you’re speaking to a roomful of people or participating in a community event, consider investing in a retractable banner stand branded with your logo, tagline, and/or services. At just under seven feet tall, these easy-to-use fabric stands add instant professionalism and importance to your presentation.
  • Think about using branded promotional products that will be both useful and memorable. If you can imagine it, there is a promotional product provider who can produce and brand it for you. A few items we have seen providers find success with include:
    • Hand sanitizer. Choose something with an unusual shape, such as a credit card size sprayer or a clip that attaches easily to a lanyard.
    • Breakaway lanyards or retractable badge reels. These not only will be used by healthcare staff in the facilities you establish relationships with, they’ll serve as mini billboards for anyone they come across.
    • Standout pens. While you can buy pens in bulk for pennies, these are often fairly nondescript. Select a corporate pen with features that you will become known for. Current options include phone stands, stylus tips, highlighters, unusual shapes, and mini billboard paper messages. And don’t forget about Sharpie-style markers -- they’re always in demand among nurses. Ask your vendor for a sample to test the quality of any pen you’re considering. Additionally, think about purchasing two styles of pens -- a less expensive model for health fairs and a more distinctive pen for individual referral sources.
    • Referral pads and adhesive notepads. These are very simple but can make a big impact. Referral pads are styled after traditional prescription pads and make it easy for physicians to refer to your services in a manner that patients are familiar with and understand. Adhesive notepads with a clear and unobtrusive design are always in need and will keep your referral information at their fingertips.


Finally, make sure the printed materials you leave behind concisely communicate your message and are free of spelling and grammar errors. If you are creating brochures, flyers and postcards yourself, identify staff members with a background in writing or English and have them read the materials prior to production. A second set of eyes is critical to avoiding mistakes in content and grammar. When it comes time to print, be mindful of the quality of printing and paper you use. Flyers made on an office printer or copier may detract from their content rather than underscore your competency and commitment to providing quality services.

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Seth West

Written by Seth West

Seth West, Director of Marketing & Communications with PlayMaker, has extensive experience in advertising and promotion, equally astute in both print and web environments. He has lent his creative talents to a variety of Fortune 500 companies, helping to develop corporate branding, multi-tiered marketing campaigns, and engaging media communications.