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Take Control Of Your Sales Growth with TargetWatch

Posted by Adam Bishop on February 22, 2017
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Inefficient and outdated systems are counterintuitive to sales growth. Their lack of transparency often results in missed opportunities and profit loss in the form of reduced market share and presence. More and more, post-acute healthcare companies are realizing that in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, they must adapt their business practices.

So what sets the competition apart? How do they always seem to be one step ahead while you struggle to catch up? One word — data. Market intelligence data is the key to success when it comes to increasing both your effectiveness and efficiency with identifying high-quality sources to grow your referrals and business.

PlayMaker’s TargetWatch provides you with strategic market intelligence data you can use to identify hidden pockets of new business, focus on high-value opportunities and understand your competitive landscape.

Unlock Hidden Opportunities and Increase Profitability

Utilizing TargetWatch, you can optimize your time by targeting high-value sources. TargetWatch removes the guesswork, providing you with the insight to know whether or not your source has any patients to refer when you go in for a visit. Reps waste valuable time and resources on legacy sources out of habit, regardless of whether or not it’s a fruitful relationship for them.

Let’s take a look at four ways you can use TargetWatch to drive business growth.


  1. Geography: Accurately locate all of the referral sources in your area with the click of a button. Simply fill in your desired location. Too broad? Further narrow your list by entering your ZIP code and clicking enter. A list of all the referral sources within your ZIP code will appear.


Now that we’ve identified the referral sources within your service area, let’s further narrow the list by selecting the relevant data.


  1. Data: Click the Home Health Physicians tab to bring up a list of referral sources that have patients requiring home health care services. PlayMaker offers a host of other data sets that can be loaded into TargetWatch, including Hospice Physicians, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and more.


You are now able to see a list of the home health care referral sources within your ZIP code. Does your home health care agency specialize in a particular type of care or disease management? We can further refine our list by diagnosis.


  1. Diagnosis: TargetWatch allows you to narrow your search by diagnosis. 


This level of detail lets you focus only on those referral sources that have patients requiring your specific areas of expertise.


  1. Payer Sources: Simply select Medicare, Medicaid or Commercial from the dropdown menu to identify which sources are referring patients with the insurance or payment methods that you accept.


In minutes, we’ve been able to produce a targeted, strategic prospect list that identifies referral sources based on geography, category, diagnosis, and payer source. What would have normally taken a rep hours to research and compile, TargetWatch has accomplished in mere minutes with just a few clicks.

Select the relevant sales targets and load their contact information into your CRM. You are now ready to schedule events with sources that you know have referrals to send you.


Ready for change? Let TargetWatch be your key to sales growth success.

Request your free demo today to learn more about how PlayMaker CRM can help you laser-focus your sales efforts with TargetWatch.

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Adam Bishop

Written by Adam Bishop

Adam Bishop, President & Founder of PlayMaker, has helped thousands of post-acute care agencies achieve extraordinary sales growth and profitability through the use of his innovative and proven power marketing and sales strategies.