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Seven Tips to Identify an At-Risk Referral Source

Posted by Holly Miller on January 9, 2018



In the early stages of a new referral relationship, it’s easy to keep your attention focused on nurturing the relationship and ensuring your new referral partner can continue to send patients to you with confidence.

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How to Target the Best Referral Sources for your Home Health and Hospice Agency

Posted by Holly Miller on November 17, 2017



“I don’t know which referral sources to target” has become an all-too-common refrain among home health and hospice agencies. A lack of visibility into both the market and your own agency’s referral activity weakens your sales efforts and slows your market expansion. Many agencies are scrambling to develop a sales strategy that yields results. What’s the secret? Using relevant, actionable data to determine the best referral sources for your agency to target.

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Social Media is an Effective Marketing Tool for Your Post-Acute Care Business

Posted by Seth West on May 6, 2016


If you haven't started using social media to promote your company yet, you’re way behind. With the explosion of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, reaching your potential customers through these channels is an opportunity that you simply can’t ignore. By using social media, you can raise awareness about your services, give followers up-to-date information on events you are hosting, and provide patients, clients or referral sources a direct way to interact with you.

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Teaching: The Essential Component of Incredible Sales

Posted by Jason Lewallen on April 15, 2016


Have you ever had a great teacher? They often share certain attributes. They inspire, make difficult subjects easy to understand, and even change the lives of their students. We tend to revere our teachers much like a patient does a physician. We believe that they have studied the subject matter they are teaching us and are an authority on the matter. Great sales professionals have those same characteristics.

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Creating Value by Consistent Data Gathering

Posted by Jason Lewallen on April 8, 2016


If you are a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) user, then you know the value of data. You most likely understand that knowing key information about your referral sources can give you an absolute advantage over your competitors. What you may not have considered is how gathering snippets of data at every visit can increase your sales and marketing ROI.

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Building a Referral Source Where There was None Before

Posted by Jason Lewallen on March 30, 2016


One of the key things you learn from looking at market intelligence data year after year is that the actual referring physicians rarely change. Though the volume of referrals may inch up or down, and who they refer to can change every day, the main referring physicians rarely stop being your high-value targets. So that begs the question: How do I get my other potential physicians to start sending orders or increase their referrals?

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Three Reasons to Join Your State Association

Posted by Jason Lewallen on February 22, 2016


Whether you are a small provider just starting out, or you run a large company, joining your state association has many benefits for you to consider. As a member, you become part of a collective voice that provides feedback on the issues facing your business as you strive to improve and grow. If you aren't involved in an organization that advocates for your needs, you might feel left out, frustrated, or unable to communicate your thoughts on the industry.

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Tough Questions: How To Improve Your Relationships With Referral Sources

Posted by Jason Lewallen on December 1, 2015



Here’s the first question. You will know the correct answer right away, but I suggest you take a minute to truly evaluate if the correct answer is your honest answer.

Are you on your referral sources’ side?

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Grow Your Sales Endeavors Through Applied Science

Posted by Jason Lewallen on November 2, 2015


In today’s blog post, I’m going to get a little scientific with you. We are going to talk about two related terms from your high school physics book, momentum and inertia, and how they can be applied to your sales goals in the post-acute care industry.

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So You’re The Market Leader… Now What? Four Tips for Sustained Success

Posted by Jason Lewallen on October 23, 2015


Congratulations! All of your hard work, sweat equity and sheer determination has finally paid off and you are the leading agency in your market. So now what? While celebrating this achievement is top of mind, it’s important to note that it requires even more hard work to maintain this position in your market. Being the market leader makes you the biggest threat. You have a target on your back and very few competitors will pass on an opportunity to take a shot. Here are four key tips that can help you remain on top.

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