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Building Relationships: A 3-Step Evaluation

Posted by Adam Bishop on June 15, 2017



Great relationships are the key to not only acquiring but also retaining referral source loyalty. While this is a well-known fact, many times those same great relationships never transition into referring accounts. As a sales manager, you are faced with a difficult dilemma. Do you wait it out in hopes that the relationship will someday turn into referrals, or do you give another sales rep an opportunity to work the account? How do you decide?

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Building a Referral Source Where There was None Before

Posted by Jason Lewallen on March 30, 2016


One of the key things you learn from looking at market intelligence data year after year is that the actual referring physicians rarely change. Though the volume of referrals may inch up or down, and who they refer to can change every day, the main referring physicians rarely stop being your high-value targets. So that begs the question: How do I get my other potential physicians to start sending orders or increase their referrals?

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Three Reasons to Join Your State Association

Posted by Jason Lewallen on February 22, 2016


Whether you are a small provider just starting out, or you run a large company, joining your state association has many benefits for you to consider. As a member, you become part of a collective voice that provides feedback on the issues facing your business as you strive to improve and grow. If you aren't involved in an organization that advocates for your needs, you might feel left out, frustrated, or unable to communicate your thoughts on the industry.

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