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Webinar Recap: Focus on Your Why and Stand Out in the Home Care Market

Posted by Seth West on October 4, 2017
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Webinar Presented by:

Merrily Orsini, MSSW, President/CEO


Are you struggling to build trust and resonate with your audience? Do you blend in with your competitors? If you’re like many home care agencies, chances are you are leading with your what. In this webinar, "Focus on your Why and Stand Out in the Home Care Market," presenter Merrily Orsini posed questions designed to help you uncover your company’s why, so that you can build your unique brand identity and connect with your customers. Merrily underscored the importance of consistent messaging and identified practical strategies and tactics that you will be able to implement immediately.


Key Concepts:

Why is a value belief.

How is the action we take to uphold our value belief.

What is the result of our actions.


Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Brand:

  1. Are you uniquely conveying your company’s why?
  2. Why does your company exist?
  3. Does your messaging and visual appeal make your agency stand out?


What Your Why Should Include: 

             1. Purpose

This goes back to the question, why does your company exist? This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. It’s important to consider the values of your customers and referral sources, because as Merrily pointed out, your purpose must validate the beliefs and values they hold.  

            2. Personality

Showing your personality as a home care agency allows you to build trust and demonstrate empathy toward your customers.

            3. Differentiation

Merrily recommended that your company’s values should be aligned with your customers and be aspirational in nature.

Your why is what allows your customers and referral sources to connect with you on an emotional level. Communicating your why allows you to tell your brand’s story and build trust with your audience. Merrily encouraged home care agencies to spread your why across all operations and marketing efforts, both internally and externally to achieve a cohesive brand. Need assistance getting started? Click here to download your copy of Merrily’s Finding Your WHY Factor worksheet.


Merrily stated that in today’s market, an agency needs to:

  • Understand what home care consumers value
  • Be branded with a clear vision and mission that aligns with consumer values.
  • Show understanding of and empathy for consumers
  • Engage with your WHY at every point of contact
  • Use professionally branded, ongoing communication in a variety of channels, both direct and indirect
  • Be active in social channels with a SEO-focused website, blog, and digital newsletter


Merrily cautioned against simply adding more services as a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, as this practice can lead to commoditization. Your why is what sets you apart.


Once you’ve established your why, it’s important to confirm it. Merrily suggested the following strategies on how home care agencies can confirm their why in the eyes of their customers:

  • Client and caregiver satisfaction measurements
  • Online reviews
  • Testimonials from clients, families, employees and referral sources
  • Ongoing educational and helpful content on a variety of subjects of interest to those who might need care or who might need to arrange care for a loved one


Merrily’s Strategies and Tactics:

Home care, as an industry, has to embrace more sophisticated marketing strategies and tactics, and each agency must have:

  1. A branded identity with a clear vision and mission
  2. Ongoing relevant and helpful communication professionally designed thus branded consistently in a variety of channels, direct and indirect
  3. SEO focused website and active social media


Additional Recommendations:

  1. Do an inventory of all your communications (internal and external) and line it up in a table to see differing ways people communicate. It’s essential that that everything your agency communicates, both internally and externally, is consistent with your why.
  2. Avoid manipulation: pricing, promotions, peer pressure, and fear will only work for the short term
  3. Use your company Mission/Vision/Why and let that guide your decision-making and hiring practices


A professional brand image is a key component to marketing your home care agency in today’s digital marketing world. It’s more important than ever before for your home care agency to engage with your audience and set yourself apart from your competitors.


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Written by Seth West

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